Junior Jockey Camp with Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone (Click Here for application.)

Jockey Camp with Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone is a very safe 5 day work shop with simulated and hands on experience. Students and attendees will learn many aspects of the thoroughbred horse racing industry such as how to become a jockey or exercise rider, as well as other careers and aspects to the world of horse racing.

  • Academics - Classes in racing history, health and nutrition, lectures, race video analysis, and surprise guest telephone call-ins with other celebrity leaders in the racing industry.

  • Simulated exercises - A scale size one-mile race track complete with furlong markers where students (on foot) will learn track rules, etiquette, learn typical trainer's instructions, tips on following directions, pace and timing, position and safety tips for exercise riding and race riding.

  • Riding Simulations - Multiple Equicizers (mechanical horses) are set up for riding evaluations and lessons learning techniques, form, balance and riding tips and tools.

  • Hands on with the Horses- Learn the in’s and outs of handling horses in the shedrow, grooming, tacking, mounting and more featuring specially trained and safe natural horsemanship trained OTTB’s.


Who Should Attend:

This camp is for kids and teens 12 years and above who has a desire to start a career in horse racing, specifically those who want to become jockeys or exercise riders, but also anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the sport of horse racing. This camp does NOT encourage anyone to become a jockey but offers a true education on what is involved. Special consideration may be made for children younger than 12 with significant horse experience, and are encouraged to apply.

"The mission of the camp is to provide an education of knowledge, safety and health tips into the world of horse racing."

Prospective applicants must submit the Jockey Camp application. Only a limited number of applicants will be accepted.

*note: Audits (camp observers) are welcome to attend but please still fill out as much of the Jockey Camp Application as possible. Those observing will be limited to some of the activities camp provides. See fees below.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees will learn about the physical and mental aspects of what it takes to become a jockey or exercise rider. Lessons will be conducted through simulation training aboard the Equicizers, video evaluations and analysis, indoor classroom and outdoor activities including hands on learning with safe natural horsemanship trained horses. The scope of this camp is to provide the most comprehensive learning experience for prospective jockeys, exercise riders, and anyone in general wanting to make a career on the racetrack!  This experience is meant to provide a safe and enlightening opportunity to begin your journey as a jockey, exercise rider or other career into the Thoroughbred horse racing industry.

Topics & Activities

  • Horse psychology; reading body language and staying safe.

  • Participating in discussions with horsemen to continue improving the safety of jockeys and the welfare of horses.

  • How and where to get started in a career in horse racing.

  • Racing simulations, evaluations and lessons aboard the Equicizer.

  • Developing the skills and techniques such as pace, position and strategies in both race and exercise riding.

  • Shedrow simulations; walking hots, grooming techniques and saddling.

  • Morning workouts and race track rules, regulations, etiquette & safety.

  • Race simulation games, activities, contests

  • Interviews with famous jockeys and trainers!

  • Fun evening activities, movies, camp fires, story telling

  • Celebration dinner, discussion review, ceremony, prize announcements & personal recommendations to each student and their families.



Located at the beautiful Long Shadows Farm in Cambridge NY, just 40 minutes south east from Saratoga Springs. Long Shadows Farm is home to the Long Shadows Charitable Foundation. Long Shadows Charitable Foundation is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating horses who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or are no longer wanted or cared for by their owners. Long Shadows provides a safe, healthy, and trusting environment for horses to heal their physical and emotional health through gentle, natural care and re-training.


Individualized Attention

With this workshop, Hall of Fame Julie Krone  will give each student personal attention with riding evaluations, jockey lessons aboard the Equicizer, questions and answers, interviews with other celebrity jockeys and trainers, live and taped racing sessions, discussions, teaching track rules and etiquette, indoor and outdoor activities including hands on simulations with safe natural horsemanship trained horses. At the end of the workshop, each student will receive Julie’s personal advice and recommendations on how they can best proceed with their career path.

The 2019 Jockey Camp with Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone is scholarship based and participants are considered on a case by case basis.

To request an application please call or email:

Tabitha Morgan

Cell: (760) 889-6633

Home (518) 796-4177

Email: Tabgoets@gmail.com

Or to download a pdf of the Junior Jockey Camp Application, click here. 



Class begins 9:00 AM - Lunch 12:00 PM - Class ends 5:30 PM . After hour activities, movies, camp fires, Equicizer riding, games, etc. Lots of laughs and memories!

Applications are due by July 15th. 

*Onsite student camping available for duration of camp at no extra charge.